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Independent Analyst Kunal Bothrah's Yes Bank Ltd. And MRF Ltd. Recommend to buy these at their target price Yes Bank Ltd. Yes Bank Ltd. Buy shares at target value of 163.0. Yes Bank Ltd. . The current market price of Rs. 152.75. Market Expert has set its time frame Intraday, when Yes Bank Ltd. The price can reach its set target. Kunal Bothara has been instructed investors to keep stop loss Rs. 148 and strictly adhere to it. Yes Bank Ltd., incorporated in the year 2003, is a banking company (market cap - Rs 35390.11 crore) MRF Ltd. MRF Ltd. Buy shares at the target price of 60000.0. MRF Ltd. . The current market price of Rs 57561.65. Market Expert has fixed its timeframe Intra Day, when MRF Ltd. The price can reach its set target. Kunal Bothrah is the directive to investors to keep stoploss Rs 55500 and strictly follow it. MRF Ltd., active in the tire sector, incorporated in the year 1960, is a large cap company (market cap - Rs 24412.72 crore) Anand Rathi's market
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Oil prices fall on rise in US inventories, supply worries

Oil prices have fallen sharply on fears about slowing global demand, but won a respite on Tuesday after a global stock market rally on hopes of a cut in US interest rates. Oil prices resumed their slide on Wednesday, dragged down by a surpise gain in US inventories and comments from the head of Russian state oil producer Rosneft questioning the point of a deal with OPEC to withhold supplies. Brent futures were down 27 cents, or 0.4 percent, at $61.70 a barrel by 0152 GMT. They rose 1.1 percent on Tuesday after a near 13 percent fall in the previous four sessions. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was down by 32 cents, or 0.6 percent, at $53.16 a barrel. The US benchmark closed 0.4 percent higher on Tuesday. Oil prices have fallen sharply on fears about slowing global demand, but won a respite on Tuesday after a global stock market rally on hopes of a cut in US interest rates. US crude stocks rose unexpectedly last week, while gasoline and distillate inve

देश की प्रमुख आठ मेटल कंपनियों का एबिड्टा 8 से 28 फीसदी घटा है

प्रमुख मेटल कंपनियों की वर्तमान आंकड़े बताते हैं कि साल 2019 में उनकी कमाई का दौर परवान चढ़ चुका है. मार्च तिमाही में शीर्ष सात मेटल कंपनियों का मुनाफा लगातार सातवीं तिमाही में भी घटा. मेटल की कीमतों में गिरावट इसकी प्रमुख वजह रही है । इसके अलावा वैश्विक स्तर पर मेटल की कमजोर मांग और अमेरिका व चीन के बीच बढ़ते ट्रेड वॉर के तनाव ने भी मेटल कंपनियों की कमाई पर दबाव बनाया है. माना जा रहा है कि ये कारण आगे भी अपना प्रभाव डालते रहेंगे। देश की प्रमुख आठ मेटल कंपनियों का एबिड्टा 8 से 28 फीसदी घटा है. इसमें JSW स्टील, हिंडाल्को, वेदांता, हिंदुस्तान जिंक, SAIL, टाटा स्टील और जिंदल स्टेनलेस के नाम शामिल हैं. कम कमाई और अधिक कर्ज ने इन कंपनियों पर काफी दबाव बनाया हुआ है । सेल और जिंदल स्टेनलेस जैसी कंपनियों का डेट-एबिड्टा अनुपात 5 गुना तक पहुंच गया है, जो काफी संवेदनशील है. इसे ध्यान में रखते हुए यदि इन शेयरों में तेजी आती है, तो इसे निकासी का अच्छा अवसर मानते हुए इनकी बिकवाली करना ही बेहतर होगा। भारतीय मेटल कंपनियों की कमाई स्टील, एल्युमिनियम और जिंक की कीमतों पर निर्धारित रहती है. 2

Weak starting of stock market,Yes bank's share climb by 3%

On Tuesday, the domestic stock markets opened the season with a red mark. Market watchers are on the outcome of the review meeting of Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Thursday. Businesses are expected to reduce interest rates. On Wednesday, the stock market will be closed on Eid. Asian markets have weak signal too. Decrease in crude oil prices and the strengthening of the rupee prevented the scarcity of market weakness. The rupee appreciated by about 23 paise. Foreign investors' positivity positively towards the Indian market. At 9.30 am, the BSE Sensex was recorded at a level of 40,233 with a slight decline of 34 points or 0.09 percent. On the other hand, the Nifty 50 index also saw trading at 12,074 level with a weak weakness of 14.25 points or 0.12 percent. On Monday, the American stock market got a softening trend. In the Dow Jones, a slight increase of 0.02 percent was recorded, while the S & P 500 Index was up 0.28 percent. Nasdaq composite

SEBI has sent legal notice to HDFC Mutual Fund to increase FMP maturity

HDFC is one of India's most popular companies, and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Milind Barve, Managing Director of HDFC Mutual Fund, some top executives of the fund house and the HDFC Trustee Company maturity of their fixed maturity plan (FMP) Legal notice has been sent to increase, due to inability to pay Essel Group. HDFC Mutual said in the exchange filing that the capital market regulator has issued two reasons show notices to the officials and the HDFC Trustee Company on May 31. Last month, SEBI had issued separate show notices to HDFC Mutual Fund and Kotak Mutual Fund and sought details of their investment conditions in Essel Group's debt securities. It can not be ascertained that the capital market regulator sent a second legal notice to the officials of Kotak Mutual Fund or not. Kotak has left an email query unanswered. After not paying the repayment by Essel on maturity of the investment, Kotak's FMP had knocked the price.

The profit of about 99,994 crore in the wealth of six companies, TATA gains highest profits

Investors' wealth of six out of 10 companies increased by about Rs 99,994 crore. In fact, market capitalization of these companies (market capitalization) increased by Rs 99,994.06 crore last week. There was good shopping in the market last week. The BSE Sensex has achieved its record level. The biggest advantage of the market's strength is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The market cap of four companies in the major ten decreased. Apart from TSS, there has been an increase in the market cap of HDFC Bank, Infosys, HDFC, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, the market cap of ITC, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries (RIL) and State Bank of India (SBI) decreased. Market capitalization of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) increased by Rs 55,235.1 crore to Rs 8,24,342.63 crore. The market capitalization of country's top private sector bank HDFC rose by Rs 14,333.73 crore to Rs 6,60,795.95 crore. The valuation of IT giant Infosys increased by Rs 11,9

जानिए, आज कौन-कौन से शेयर में आप निवेश कर सकते हैं?

उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड और टाटा टी लि. को खरीदें उनके लक्ष्य प्राइस पर  इन्डिपेंडेंट एनॉलिस्‍ट कुणाल बोथरा का इन दोनों शेयरों के लिए सुझाव है कि इन्हे इनके लक्ष्य मूल्य  पर ही खरीदें। उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड: उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड के शेयर रूपये 372.0 के लक्ष्य मूल्य पर खरीदें। उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड का मौजूदा बाजार मूल्य रूपये 362.4 है और मार्केट एक्सपर्ट ने इसकी समयावधि इंट्रा डे तय की है, उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड की कीमत अपने निर्धारित लक्ष्य तक पहुंच सकती है तो निवेशकों को कुणाल बोथरा की हिदायत है कि वे स्टॉपलॉस रुपये 350 रखें और इसका सख्ती से पालन करें. उज्‍जीवन फाइनेंसियल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड, वित्त क्षेत्र में सक्रिय, साल 2004 में निगमित, एक मिड कैप कंपनी है (मार्केट कैप - Rs 4392.07 करोड़) | नवीनतम तिमाही में कंपनी का Rs Rs 45.20 करोड़ का रिपोर्टेड टैक्स पश्चात शुद्ध मुनाफा है| टाटा टी लिमिटेड: टाटा टी लि. के शेयर रूपये 252.0 के लक्ष्य मूल्य पर खरीदें . टाटा टी लि. . का मौजूदा बाजार मूल्य रूपये 243